Of the many opportunities that our company offers, one can purchase and receive products that are already upholstered and finished with standard fabrics and leather, or with fabrics and leathers chosen directly by you.

By standard we offer a broad range of colours and materials, from fabric, to faux and genuine leather. We place a lot of attention on our collaborations, both locally and nationally, so as to contribute to strengthening our internal Italian network and provide a high quality Made in Italy product.


Over the years our company has come into contact with numerous top production companies, many of which are now our direct corporate partners. Our attention is mainly aimed on suppliers who are able to guarantee a quality product in respect of the environment and with an eye on the future.

We offer a broad range of materials to furnish your concepts, such as: laminated materials, HPL, Furniture Linoleum, veneered with natural wood, solid wood, natural stone such as marble and granite, ceramic or porcelain stone.