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Shape evolution

The Company Giorgio Forti owned by Cristian Forti & Co. believes deeply in the value of evolution that implements and divulges through its philosophy, devoted to the creative customization of shapes, which it has always implemented with passion.

Evolution originates from a never ending source: the mind. 
From it new elements are constantly originated, elements that as simple and unperceivable as they may be, are capable of empowering, supporting and developing additional ideas, shapes and solutions, always innovative and unique.

Nothing is lasting but change (Ludwig Borne), a positive, ameliorative, superior change that the Company Giorgio Forti owned by Cristian Forti & C. SAS always promotes for its loyal and potential customers.

The evolution of the shape becomes an emphasizing message like the company's production both in continuous research and development, from a design stand point, and also in terms of materials, interpretations, ideas toward the future.